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In this video, you will see the project we are going to build. This demo connects to an NFT on OpenSea and displays a texture on a sphere material.

Installing SDK

In this video, you will be shown where to find the ChainSafe Gaming SDK package and also how to install this package into Unity3D.

Install JSON.NET to fix: The type or namespace name 'Newtonsoft' could not be found

SDK Overview

In this video, we will give an overview of the ChainSafe gaming SDK. A quick introduction to the different Prefabs/Scenes and Scripts used to create your blockchain games.

SDK Prefabs

Prefabs are prebuilt components that supply preconfigured functionality. The SDK offers this for the most general operations. This video goes over the most general use cases. The example shows how to connect and NFT from a custom script on the Rinkeby test network from an NFT deployed on OpenSea testnet.

Create In-Game NFT

In this video, we will create an in-game item and connect this to an NFT. This requires us to write a C# script in Unity.

Connect NFT to Marketplace

In this video, we will connect the NFT that we created in the previous step inside Unity.

Building Game

In this video, we will build out our game. This will allow us to connect to different blockchains depending on where we have deployed our NFT.

Final Project

In this video, we will build and deploy our project and view it in our web browser.