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Interacting with Tokens


This area will explain basic interactions for native and custom tokens with the SDK.

You can interact with any EVM coins using our SDK. No matter if it's ETH, USDT or your custom ERC-20 smart contract for fungible tokens.

Native Tokens

To read balance of ETH for the specified user use:

using ChainSafe.Gaming;

var address = "0xdD4c825203f97984e7867F11eeCc813A036089D1";
var hexBalance = await web3.RpcProvider.GetBalance(address);
var balance = hexBalance.Value;

To send ETH over the network use the SendTransaction method of TransactionExecutor:

using ChainSafe.Gaming;
using ChainSafe.Gaming.Evm;
using Nethereum.Hex.HexTypes;

var destinationAddress = "0xdD4c825203f97984e7867F11eeCc813A036089D1";
var weiToSend = 1000000000000000000; // 10^18 wei = 1 eth
var request = new TransactionRequest
To = destinationAddress,
Value = new HexBigInteger(weiToSend)

var response = await web3.TransactionExecutor.SendTransaction(request);

Custom ERC-20 Tokens

If your token implements ERC-20 standard you can request balance, name, symbol, number of decimals and total supply using the ERC20 utility class:

using ChainSafe.Gaming;
using ChainSafe.Gaming.UnityPackage.Ethereum.Eip;

var contractAddress = "0x07865c6E87B9F70255377e024ace6630C1Eaa37F";

var rawBalance = await ERC20.BalanceOf(contractAddress, "0xdD4c825203f97984e7867F11eeCc813A036089D1");
var tokenName = await ERC20.Name(contractAddress);
var tokenSymbol = await ERC20.Symbol(contractAddress);
var decimals = await ERC20.Decimals(contractAddress);
var totalSupply = await ERC20.TotalSupply(contractAddress);

var balance = rawBalance / decimals;

To send ERC-20 tokens over the network you'd have to use the Smart Contract API:

var contractAddress = "0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab";
var abi = ABI.ERC_20;
var contract = web3.ContractBuilder.Build(abi, contractAddress);

var method = EthMethod.Transfer;
var toAccount = "0xdD4c825203f97984e7867F11eeCc813A036089D1";
var amount = "1000000000000000";
var response = await contract.Send(method, new object[]

To learn more about Smart Contract API visit "Interacting with Smart-Contracts" section Here.

Decimals and Conversion

All operations with eth or any ERC-20 token expect amounts in smallest unit know as wei and you might want to convert this number before showing it to a user. Converting units is as simple as dividing or multiplying it by a 10^n, where n - is the number of decimals for the largest unit.

  • If you're working with eth, n is equal to 18.
  • For smart contracts use ERC20.Decimals() method to obtain the number of decimals and cache it somewhere for later use.

Example of converting custom token value from wei to eth:

using ChainSafe.Gaming;
using ChainSafe.Gaming.UnityPackage.Ethereum.Eip;

var erc20ContractAddress = "0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab";
long decimals = (long) await ERC20.Decimals(erc20ContractAddress); // 10^10
decimal wei = 1000000000000; // 10^12
decimal eth = wei / decimals; // 10^2 or 100

From eth to wei:

var erc20ContractAddress = "0xc778417e063141139fce010982780140aa0cd5ab";
long decimals = (long) await ERC20.Decimals(erc20ContractAddress); // 10^10
decimal eth = 100; // 10^2 or 100
decimal wei = eth * decimals; // 10^12