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This is a Cheatsheet which can be used as a shorthand reference for the new ways of accomplishing tasks with the SDK. Refer to this if you need help with the new code structure.

Install the package using UPM before you start writing your own code.

async void Start()
// Configure & build Web3 client using Web3Builder
var projectConfig = ProjectConfigUtilities.Load();
var web3 = await new Web3Builder(projectConfig).Configure(services =>

var config = new WalletConnectConfig
// Set wallet to testing
Testing = true,
TestWalletAddress = "YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS",


// Add any contracts we would want to use
services.ConfigureRegisteredContracts(contracts =>
contracts.RegisterContract("CsTestErc20", ABI.Erc20, Contracts.Erc20));

// Read from blockchain using RpcProvider
var ethBalance = await web3.RpcProvider.GetBalance(
address: "0xaBed4239E4855E120fDA34aDBEABDd2911626BA1");

// Read player address & sign messages using Signer
var playerAddress = await web3.Signer.GetAddress();
var signedMessageHash = await web3.Signer.SignMessage("Hello web3!"); // todo check if it really returns hash

// Write to blockchain using TransactionExecutor
var transactionResponse = await web3.TransactionExecutor.SendTransaction(
new TransactionRequest
To = "0xdD4c825203f97984e7867F11eeCc813A036089D1",
Value = new HexBigInteger(12300000000000000),

// Build contract objects using ContractBuilder
var shibaContract = web3.ContractBuilder.Build("shiba"); // preregistered contracts
var customContract = web3.ContractBuilder.Build(
address: "0x7286Cf0F6E80014ea75Dbc25F545A3be90F4904F");

// Read from contracts using Contract.Call()
object[] response = await shibaContract.Call(EthMethod.BalanceOf, new object[] { playerAddress });

// Write to contracts using Contract.Send()
object[] response = await customContract.Send(method: "addTotal", new object[] { 1 });

// Balance of custom coin ERC-20
var tokenBalance = await ERC20.BalanceOf(
contractAddress: "0x3E0C0447e47d49195fbE329265E330643eB42e6f",
account: "0xd25b827D92b0fd656A1c829933e9b0b836d5C3e2");

// Balance of NFT ERC-721
var contract721 = "0x9123541E259125657F03D7AD2A7D1a8Ec79375BA";
var balance = await ERC721.BalanceOf(contract721, playerAddress);

// Owner of NFT ERC-721
var tokenId = "0x01559ae4021a565d5cc4740f1cefa95de8c1fb193949ecd32c337b03047da501";
var ownerOf = await ERC721.OwnerOf(contract721, tokenId);

// URI of NFT ERC-721
var uri = await ERC721.URI(contract721, tokenId);

// Balance of NFT ERC-1155
var contract1155 = "0x2c1867bc3026178a47a677513746dcc6822a137a";
var tokenId = "5";
var balanceOf = await ERC1155.BalanceOf(contract1155, playerAddress, tokenId);

// URI of NFT ERC-1155
var uri = await ERC1155.URI(contract1155, tokenId);